Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I need to vent! We have chosen a pediatrician group that I now don't necessarily agree with. At the time, what we neglected to ask when we were interviewing pediatricians was, "what are your thoughts on breast feeding and on formula?" The answer I would be looking for is, "Breast feeding is best for the child, of course, but am not opposed to formula feeding should the mother not be able to produce or something else might occur that prevents breast feeding."
In neglecting to ask this question, we have settled on a pediatrician group that champions breast feeding and tries to steer away from formula. We didn't find that out until a few weeks ago when our hospital mentioned to us that the reason why Dillon's jaundice has not gone away might be because the best way to flush out jaundice is with formula and Maryland Farms Pediatrics is known to be pro breast milk.
Of course we never thought to ask because we too wanted to breast feed. I had never even thought that I might not be able to produce enough breast milk.
Anyhow, we just went in for her follow-up drs visit and like I said, she now weighs 8lbs, 5 oz. The dr then said, "She now is at standard weight for her age so you can stop supplementing with formula. Your milk should be fine. Of course, she will let you know if she is still hungry so you can go ahead and supplement. But, she should be fine."
Greg, of course, heard that and was all for it. Wanting to not feed Dillon formula if not necessary. (What is with the aversion to formula??)
However, might I mention that this thinking is what got us in this mess to begin with! Dillon, for the most part was never super fussy. She would fuss when she was hungry and we always just thought, "Oh she must be hungry so let's put her on the breast." We have to remember that that does not work. We kind of did not feed her too much formula yesterday, having just gotten back from the drs and being mislead.
Today, I am tracking her feeding fusses and she is fussing about every two hours if not less. At her age, almost 6 weeks, she should be feeding 6-8 times a day so that's 3-4 hours between feedings and eating 4-5ozs at each feeding. You can't measure breast milk but if she is getting enough we should have 3-4 hours between feedings. Today, I supplemented her after feeding from the breast and she took in 2 ozs of formula. Then was hungry again 3 hours later. I fed her just formula and she took in 5 ozs! I am not going to stop supplementing Dillon with formula. Why can't Greg just accept that I am not producing enough milk to forego formula? Annoying.

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  1. Breastfeeding nazis are all the rage these days. I remember when TL was born, it was as if moms who chose to feed their kids formula (or had to) were not good moms or that formula was actually "harmful" to their kids. I remember the thought of feeding TL formula when he was a baby sounded like someone suggesting I give him poison. PPPfffhfaaaaaa!! Do what makes things more comfortable for you & Dillon. You want to enjoy this time! It DOES go by too quickly. If she thrives on formula, then so be it. You know that I personally don't think all breastmilk is equal & some of us, as awesome as we are, produce sucky breastmilk. SOOOOOOO much science has gone into the production of formula. Almost everyone our generation (yours & mine) was raised on PURE formula. Knock on wood, but I am healthy as a horse. 1972 formula, baby! Can you imagine how much better formula is now!?? Greg ain't the one being the cow. He really has no say. ;-D