Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The great unknown

THAT is what I can't stand about motherhood! The constant unknown...we had a trying evening today. Dillon is particularly cranky and nothing was helping. She didn't have a dirty diaper, she's not hungry and she's crying even if we try to soothe her and put her to bed. She's TIRED but just won't go down. Finally, we'll put her to sleep and then suddenly she wakes herself up without any outside influence! And she's crying again.
Now, that is all old hat to parents. Yeah, we don't mind that she's crying and realize that babies will just have fussy moments. However, she's crying and well..the last time she was crying and fussy was when she was starving!! So, obviously we are paranoid and now that my breast milk is coming in, she's been eating more breast milk and less formula. But since there is NO WAY TO MEASURE breast milk...WHO CAN KNOW if she's getting enough. Hello? Can you tell by my CAPS that I am thoroughly annoyed with the great unknown? It is most unnerving!
Those of you who know me, know that I know no stress. I have not had a stressful moment ever in my life...okay, except once over a PR event. Fine. But relatively stress free. And this..this is just not right. Now I am very paranoid. Is my daughter getting enough? Because she is literally weaning herself off the formula. I really feel like my milk is coming in better...but of course we won't know til we weigh her again. Maybe this Friday. Uggh.


  1. I bought a baby scale cuz I was so worried about TL's weight gain (or lack thereof). They weigh down to the ounces, unlike adult scales, so you can see if how much they've eaten by weighing before & after nursing...to hold you over between doc appts...boy, Belinda...I can't WAIT to start all this newborn stuff all over again! Only 3 more months. I can't wait!!! ;-D