Sunday, March 29, 2009

False alarm

Oh, D still takes to the bottle. She's just fussy cuz she's going through a growth spurt and everything pisses her off. She is like, how do I put in chinese - "Fa sen jing bing..." which literally translates to "developing a psychological disorder", short translation? She is CRAZY..coo coo. And, it's kind of funny because we keep her swaddled which is sort of like a straight jacket! She has her arms pinned to her side and is wrapped up tightly like a burrito. It makes them feel secure and helps them sleep better. Um, again, coo coo..
This morning, GREG is exercising tough love (shocker!). I wouldn't have thought Greg had the heart to let his daughter cry it out. He let it happen and indeed, she did have a good go at crying and then fell asleep on her swing chair. Not bad...go dad.
And by the way, I don't know if anybody else notices this, or even does this but everything seems to turn into a song when you have a baby. We talk to her in song. "Bao Bao schway jiao jiao, Bao Bao schway jiao jiao" is the song I sing sometimes to get her to sleep. Bao Bao is a nickname like little baby and "schway jiao" is sleep. I just add another jiao at the end of it and you can even see that I've made a little rhyme. Yes, we sing about everything. Greg is singing to Dillon that she made a poop. Everything is a song.

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