Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Like mother, like daughter

And in this case...may not be such a good thing.
D has been working to cultivate her dirty look. Now, the dirty look is something I save only for my nearest and dearest. :o) And I am quite proud of my "evil eye" It drives G crazy.
Apparently, I have noticed that when D is being bad sometimes, I can't help but give her the dirty look because I can't think of anything else to do aside from screaming at her and shaking her (which obvi is a no-no).
So, I have seen her slanting her eyes and looking in the mirror to check her look out.
The other evening (oh, it was the night of my birthday dinner) she wanted to eat something like a cookie and I had said, "Okay, D, but can you at least just take one more bite of your food?"
Oh, she whipped out a pretty darn good representation of the "evil eye" as she took her last bite of food. My best friend in the whole wide world was there to witness it!!
We were both cracking up!! Uh-oh...watch old world...


Wow, I am now a firm believer that when a child is really starting to pick up words and forming sentences, one should spend as much time as possible socializing with adult friends/family and older children!
We recently took D to New York and to LA, just for fun and to visit with friends and family but because she was exposed to all conversation, I swear her vocabulary has expanded by leaps and bounds! She literally will parrot almost everything she hears and then she sits and processes how the words are used, in what context.
One thing that D has been saying lately that I think is really neat is - after we go somewhere fun, like the zoo or the playground, she will say, "Was that fun??" And then I repeat it back to her and she responds, "Yeah!!"

Memory game

I would love to play the memory game with D. She has a fantastic memory. About three months ago or more, I was going through her shoes - ones that we had forgotten she had - and was trying them on her feet. Some were too small and had never been worn! So, I had said, "Ooh, what a bummer..." to the ones that didn't fit. I think she had repeated me at the time.
Today, I was looking through that same closet to make sure I didn't have any long-forgotten shoes loitering in there and D picked up one of the too small shoes, held it up to me and said, "What a bummmmer...." It took me a few minutes to figure out what she was saying since I had long forgotten we even said that! Amazing.