Thursday, March 12, 2009

1 month today!!

Dillon is one month old today!! Hallelujah! Not that any major milestone has been met or anything...Greg was raving about her cognitive skills this morning...I know she's eating a lot...and being less consolable...but more alert when she is fed and changed and not gassy or tired or irritated. me, every day seems like an eternity. As Dillon grows and gets more needy, so too do my first babies, Boulder and Rocky. They both are letting me know loud and clear that they are not happy with this new addition taking up so much of my time. Boulder sits and growls at me when my hands are full cradling Dillon and feeding her. And whenever Dillon is crying and we are tending to her, Rocky runs to grab his toy and cries and tries to push the toy in our laps so we play with him and not the baby. It breaks my heart not to be able to spend more time with the boys. I mean, they are not young. They need attention too. That may be why I am feeling so anxious to have Dillon up and running!!!!! Sadly, I also know that she won't be self-reliant until a year or two...and frankly, it gives me heart palpitations to think of that because all I can think about is time running down on my puppies! And we all know that these boys are my LIFE.
I wasn't thinking when I set out to get pregnant...but then again, I'm not getting any younger...but I also could not have even fathomed the effect this baby would have on the boys. It is a sad situation for me. I am feeling sad today.

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