Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A good day

As unfit as I am to be a mother right now...hardly loving the sleepless nights, the constant boob attachment, etc. I have to say, Dillon is a great girl! She is a really good baby. She sleeps well, she eats well, she's hardly ever cranky except for when she is going through her growth spurts. She takes to the nipple, she sometimes takes the paci and the other morning, I threw her in her bassinet because I HAD to go to the bathroom and Greg was nowhere to be found so I just decided, well if she wails, then she wails. And guess what? She didn't even wail! She just sat there and entertained herself with her eyes wide open and just looked around. Wow! Now, that's impressive. :o)
I mean, she might have a bad spell later on and I might curse her all over, but right now, I think she's a pretty good girl. But, I'm still pretty sure that I will never miss these baby days. I just won't.
Today we took a nice little stroll to the post office. The whole family - Boulder, Rocky, Greg, Dillon and me. It was sunny and nice out. I wish the weather would stay like this. Sadly, it's probably going to turn cold again. I like getting Dillon out in the stroller even though she can get a little fussy if it's not moving. I like when she looks around and kind of zones in the sunlight.
Oh, and a funny little story: Dillon roots when she's hungry. Y'know she kind of moves her mouth and her tongue and will stick her hands in her mouth to suck on them. So, I know to move her to my breast. Well, she now will do this hilarious little move (which isn't all that great, because she then is spilling milk from my boob all over her face), but she will twist her face away from my boob, purse her lips and then twist her mouth away too. It's a hilarious face and I wish we could snap a pic of it, but that would require a boob shot and I'm not really into those so, you'll just have to use your imagination.

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