Monday, October 7, 2013

If I were a different mom

It's been a while since I've posted...but now I think I will swing back in. This is where I talk about parenting trials and other blogs is about sunny, happy things and beauty discoveries. :o) Today I walked outside with D to walk the dog. Before walking out she asked, "What shoes are you wearing?" I replied, "My running shoes. They are outside." D then put on her running shoes and was excited to go outside to fetch my running shoes. Now, the reason why my running shoes are outside is because I ran in them and they have sand on them. So I leave them outside so as not to track the sand. Because I am who I am, I expect D to know that. So, when she runs outside and pulls my shoes out for me and drops then on the porch all happy.... I respond by saying, "D! Now why would you do that! My shoes are outside because they have sand all over them. Now you've gotten sand all over our front porch!" D: No, you did by leaving them there... She ignored me. THANKFULLY!! After this episode, I thought to myself - If I were a different mother, a different person altogether I guess I would have responded in a delightful, thoughtful way with the following: "Oh thank you, D! That is so sweet of you to get my shoes. Oh, look, mommy's shoes have sand on them. We will have to sweep that up later." Oh...all day long I aspire, I aspire. It is so hard being me and being a mom...Tomorrow. Let's see if I can do better tomorrow.