Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dillon is a Pterodactyl

I don't know about all babies...since I try to stay away from all babies until they are about 2 years old, but our Dillon makes little baby pterodactyl noises. Like a baby pterodactyl just hatching out of its shell. Heehehee. She does this when she is sleeping. I would like to video tape it, but that would probably require me to videotape a lot of just sleeping in order to capture those small moments and that would be borrrriing. Maybe all babies do this? I'll defer to my gf, Loretta to answer that question. Then again, maybe only me and Greg are in love with the funny noises. Hahah!
I've been taking my gf's advice - be in the present and that is working out for me...for the most part. I mean, I have a lot of books that I could be reading while tending to Dillon in the quieter moments, though in the mornings it's hard to not watch the clock while she is feeding as I anxiously await the time when i can put her down and start my day. Sometimes, this can take two hours or more because it is morning and she is awake and we want to interact with her etc...
As far as having some time to myself while she is nursing or sleeping on me, sometimes I feel like I need a tool belt affixed to my waist so I will always have a small towel, a good book, some snacks and some water around me so I can plop down and feed whenever and not sit around wishing I had something to do other than stare down at my little girl and daydream. Hahaha!
I am actually mastering the art of typing with one hand...

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