Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dillon's Rules of Survival

Mommy survival that is.

1. Never wake a sleeping baby (to change her diapers). Just let her stew in it.
2. If she wakes up crying and rooting and has a dirty diaper, FEED HER first.
3. When lulling to sleep, please keep moving at all times and shush until you are ready to pass out.
4. Always change her diaper before leaving the house.
5. And be prepared to change her diaper right when you leave the house if she is in her stroller as she will have peed again just as you walk out the door. And, start wailing just as you step off the porch.
6. If she is very tired and a bit cranky, best to pass off to dad to lull to sleep. Otherwise, sleeping will take twice as long.
7. When sleeping on the body do not try to lie down. Just sit up because lying down is not comfortable for baby.
8. When feeding make sure you maintain eye contact. Looking away and ignoring baby just irritates her.
9. Do not put a sleeping baby down in less than 20 minutes time and only carefully on the boppy. The pack n' play bassinet is too big for her liking.
10. When riding in the stroller, do not stop. Keep moving or daddy can take the car seat out and swing her while the stroller is stopped.


  1. Belinda...you have officially turned into a sucker mom!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like me!!!! hee hee hee hee hee!!!! I knew it - I knew it...when you came over when you were pregnant & you said you were going to be so tough on your daughter & I said, "I dunno....I thought I would be too...." and I did soooo many of the same things you did just so TL would stay happy & not fuss & cry. Quick lesson - they learn VERY quickly that Mama will do anything to keep them happy.

    Dillon is still a bit young, so it's good to change her diaper frequently so she doesn't get diaper rash, but heck...nowadays, it's like - if there's no poo, just let it ride! And he usually only poops once a day now; maybe two. So, sometimes, it could be HOURS - I mean HOURS - 5 or 6 HOURS before I change his diaper! Plus, diaper changes get more irritating cuz taking off a diaper is apparently a signal for TL to take off streaking around the house (not if he poos of course!), but then it's a whole ordeal to get him dressed again...it gets a bit old after almost 3 years of diaper changing.... ;-D

  2. HAHAH! HILARIOUS! Oh boy..yes, total sucker mom but Greg is even worse than ME! We are in trouble.