Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting blood drawn

D got her blood drawn today and she was a superstar!!
Could've been one of two things or both - 1) right before she was going in, she saw a baby come out crying with a band aid on her arm. When she asked why the baby was crying, I said, "she just had her blood drawn." D responded, "I'm not going to cry. Because I'm a big girl!"
Yes! Correct!
2) right before the nurse was to draw blood and right before she took the cap off the needle, I told D to close her eyes and "Breathe!" and took a deep breath and breathed with her in her ear. Taking deep breaths until the nurse was done filling up two containers!
Voila! All done. No tears shed, a sticker as a prize and smiles all around. :oD

Some kind of sixth sense

We had guests in from out of town which meant that D slept in our room in her travel bed.
Wed night - she got up at midnight to pee and then stayed up so from 12-2am I am periodically saying, "Go to bed, D!". Then she finally fades back to sleep around 2ish and wakes up at 5am to pee again...
Thur night - same story as Wed.
Fri night - she was really sick so she slept the whole night, getting up maybe once to pee and then right back to bed.
Sat night - I went to spend the night in Pasadena (in a friend's hotel room) because I was a bit under the weather and was running a half marathon on Sunday morning so didn't want to be awakened in the middle of the night to deal with D. I get home from the run on Sunday and I'm asking G how was his night. Fine he replied. D never got up once to pee. She slept all the way through the night. WHAAAT? What is UP with that??
And consequently, Sunday night, she still got up at least once to pee. I just don't understand.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Listening, but not really

Today was really funny! D has not been drinking any water. I mean, who would when you've discovered sugar drinks?? Anyhoo, D wants a "pouch" which is one of those Happy Baby fruit/veggies baby food pouches that now toddlers love to eat as snacks.
So I hand her her sippy cup which is half full and say, "D, I am bringing a pouch with me, but you will not get it until you've finished half your water in your sippy cup."
So, she's back in her car seat sipping away and asking periodically, "Is this half, Mama? Is this half?" And between me and her dad, we are answering, "No." "No." All the while, G and I are having a conversation and just randomly saying, "No." without even looking over at her and then she's saying, "Mama! Is this half? Is this?" And I reply, "No."
And she makes a frowny face and says, "But there isn't any more..."
And we look and low and behold the girl has finished all her water!! We were so excited and laughing. It was very funny...but maybe you just had to be there?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I told you so...

Sometimes, it just feels good to have something happen that I forewarn D about...
Like today when I was mopping the floors I kept telling her to stay put. Just sit in the big armchair. Don't move because the floors are wet. I don't want you to slip and fall.
Did she listen? No. Before I could get the floors dry, she is skipping around on the floor and then all of a sudden - BAM!
Yup, she fell. She knew better than to howl. My girl's smart. She knows I just told her earlier not to run around on the wet floor...however, she also wanted to see if I would go coddle her and of course, I didn't.
She cried out a bit, not a "I'm hurt cry" but more of a "Did you hear me fall" cry. "Are you gonna come pick me up" cry.
I just said to her, "What did I tell you? I told you the floor was wet and that you'd fall...."
Is it wrong that I felt a little self-satisfied?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ahh Waldorf - Part Deux

I know, I know. I keep raving about Waldorf. But it's because I believe that it truly has made a huge difference in mine and D's life! I am convinced that our trip out to NY was just so smooth sailing and pleasant because when I was visiting with friends, D was able to just occupy herself because now when she is in her own space, she tells stories to herself or sings. All of these things, she learned from Waldorf.
The rhythm in the classroom at Waldorf is such that every day, they have outdoor play, then circle time that lasts for about 15-20 minutes and it's the same songs and gestures (so the kids can actually learn them and have them ingrained in their little brains), then free play, snacktime and then storytelling time where the teacher tells the same story every day and she is not reading from a book but rather telling the story from her mind and using simple props to help the children imagine the story on their own.
I cannot tell you how heartwarming it is when I see D, for instance, taking my friend's reindeer figurine and a bird figurine and then just telling a story about what the two of them are doing. I wish I could've recorded it, but of course, got the thought too late and she was done with her storytelling.
Prior to Waldorf I felt she needed more attention and she would get more whiney and wanting to be part of the conversation. Not so much anymore.
Waldorf truly is a wonderful thing.