Friday, September 28, 2012

Adults are...such a snore

I know I talk about D going to a Waldorf school a lot...or do I only do that in person? Anyhoo, I am very pleased with the whole Waldorf philosophy. What I really love is that they try to preserve childhood and the wonders of childhood. So much so that they really frown upon media since media oftentimes really just exhibits adult appropriate content. But, besides that, in the classroom and the teachers try to maintain fantasy in the children's minds. They tell stories in the oral tradition so the children make up images in their own minds as the story unfolds. They tell stories about gnomes and fairies. I love all that. Remember when we used to be engrossed in all that? And then we grew up and the real world seems all we are able to connect with. Sad. Case in point, the other day while D and I were out walking, she picked up a young acorn. She said, "Look! An apple with a hat!" And of course, I agreed. "Oh what a lovely apple with a hat!" And D was so happy with her find. "Why does the apple have a hat, mama?" Me: "Well, I'm not so sure..." And then D sees a woman up ahead walking her dog and she runs up to the lady and says, "Look! I found an apple with a hat!" And what does that darn lady do?? She says this: "A what?" D replies again with the apple with a hat and the lady says, "Oh, or what is commonly known as an acorn!" With a stupid big smile on her face. I was so irritated!!! For goodness sakes, woman! Can you not see that my daughter is a mere three years old. Let her think that acorn is an apple with a hat! DRATS!! Stupid adults. And from that moment on, D referred to her find as an acorn with a hat. Stupid adults.