Sunday, March 8, 2009


HAHAHA! Another funny photo.
Of course, the subject line has nothing to do with this photo. I just thought I'd throw this picture in so everyone could have a good laugh! Hahah!
Now back to flab - have I talked about my post pregnancy body? I feel like I've lost most of the weight. At least I think I've lost the 500 lb belly that Dillon lived and grew in for the past 10 months...but, perhaps not as much as I'd like. I have not weighed myself because I refuse to do so, however, yesterday morning, I was out walking the dogs and occasionally, the babies like to run so I trotted a little bit with them. Now, mind you, I am now wearing a night time nursing bra so it's like a tank bra without any underwire support. It's a very comfortable bra. Uhh, when I started trotting, I felt my boobs jumpin up and down AND my belly fat! It was like this layer of skin that bounced when I ran! A bit horrified, I was and really it was quite an uncomfortable feeling. Ewww...guess I'll be jumping on my bike before I put on my running shoes for exercise.

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