Monday, March 16, 2009

Mayday! Mayday! Shout out to Auntie Lo...

Look at how her head is hangin in the car seat! Is this dangerous?? Look at how cute her little fist is by her head. I could just eat her up! Then I wouldn't have to worry about her weight gain, or lack thereof? heheh.


  1. Good thing I've got you on my blog dashboard so I can keep up with your crazy child shenanigans! j/k :-D I am wondering if maybe the car seat is a little too upright, which might be why her head is a little forward? Is it possible to angle it back a little bit? It might be perfectly fine, but I've got friends who had to put their babies in physical therapy cuz their neck muscles weren't developing evenly, so I sure wouldn't want that to happen to Miss Dillon if her head ends up like this more than once in a while! Not meaning to alarm you at all! Come to think of it, I think TL's head was doing this just this afternoon...maybe Mama should check the angle of HIS car seat! :-D

  2. But that is the proper position for the car seat!! Bastahds! I will have to hold her head up...but doesn't it look funny?? Hah!

  3. Well, as far as whip lash goes, it won't be a problem if she is backwards (which she should be) cuz her head would end up like in the pic anyway! For TL's car seat, when I read the instructions carefully, it showed me that a certain part of the seat was supposed to be more angled than I otherwise thought. So, just a thought!

    I JUST drank that orange syrup stuff. Wish me luck that I don't have gestational diabetes! :-D I've been strangely craving more sweets lately...I'm a salty food kind of gal!