Monday, March 16, 2009

Back to the dr's

We went back to the doctor's today for a check up for the little tyke. She gained 11 ozs over the weekend! She was an eating fiend!! It's been a whirlwind, feeding her breast milk, feeding her formula, pumping and pumping and more pumping...sheesh! But it's all paying off. We are fattening up our little princess in no time! Skinny models be damned! Hehehe!
Btw, hello...she is like a new person on formula. Well, new person just because her stomach is finally full! She hangs out, is happy. She is now even able to smile when you smile at her. It's the cutest thing! I am ridiculous. I know. I think everything she does is cute. Even when she cries. I going through the "change"? No...I can't. My heart is cold as ice, remember? Hehehe!
Conventional wisdom is not for me. I say, bring on the epidural! Bring on the c-section! Bring on the formula! Everything else...natural childbirth and breastfeeding was formulated to keep the woman in her place and torture her. No? This stupid male dominated world...hahaha! I hate men..and it's a stupid man who got me into this predicament to begin with!
And her bilirubin level (which was at 20 on Saturday) has dropped to 12.9! Thanks to all the flushing out that has been happening with the formula feeding. Formula feeding is really the best way to get rid of jaundice b/c it has the most water. She is peeing like an ocean's worth! And her poops are often explosive. Going through a lot of clothes these days. What fun! Today, we were changing her diaper and she had some poo. Then she started pooping while I was changing her! And THEN when I put the fresh diaper down and was trying to clean her just a little bit more, she pooped AGAIN! on the new diaper and all over my hand. Fun times!


  1. I don't remember how it happened, but TL crapped on Debbie when he was little. Nothing quite says, "I love you Auntie" like crapping on her. :-D

    So glad everything is going so well! I actually remember I kinda enjoyed the nights when TL was a bit jaundiced in the hospital cuz that meant more rest for me while he lay sunning on the tanning bed. ahhhhhh....the night after circumcision was a good one, too. Tylenol knocks out a newborn, apparently! :-D

  2. funny i think i gained 11 oz this weekend too. although mine was not dr. prescribed. hmph!

  3. Oh, don't tell me about the tylenol...I might keep stock in it and Dillon will oddly recall NOTHING of her early childhood. Hahhah! are hilare!