Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hmm...do we think that as babies get a little older, their cries get more intense? And louder? Like wailing? Dillon's cries are so much more intense now! It's unnerving because I am just so worried that she's wailing because she is soo uncomfortable. Something is not agreeing with her. But, could it be that she is just building up her set of lungs and now her cries are just more intense as she gets older? I'm hoping that is the case. It's so very sad to hear her crying so hard. Poor baby.
Is it bad that every day seems like a year to me?? My gf Michelle promises that it gets better around 3 months, but I'm reading that babies' necks don't fully stiffen until 6 months! I'm pretty sure THAT'S when things will really start to get better. I don't know what would make 3 months any different than month 1? Well, except for the fact that I will probably start pumping my breastmilk soon so that might make a world of difference for me. And as we become better accustomed to being parents, I guess it might get easier as well.
And as an addition to the last entry...just tried to slip on a pair of my jeans. Newsflash! My ass is still large and so I do not fit into my jeans yet. Sigh...
Oh and swinging chair! Everyone says the swinging chair is a life saver! You will have to get one. That and a boppy chair that vibrates. What they don't tell you is at what age it will serve its usefulness. We tried to put Dillon in the swinging chair several times a few weeks ago. No good. I think at two weeks of age, she is still too young. In fact, I think for the first month of a baby's life at home, the best thing might just be being on either the mom or dad's body. It's where they are most comfortable. We just tried putting Dillon down in her swing chair today, fed and changed and she was pretty content to just sit and zone and then fell asleep (with the white noise machine on next to her). It might still be too early for her to really appreciate the swing chair, but we tried anyway. I'm thinking 2-3 months of age might be appropriate for these chairs because then the baby is more alert and able to focus more and appreciate the swinging, the vibrating and the moving mobiles above her head. Right now even, she's still just adjusting to the world, no? I don't know, but I sure am relieved she took to the swinging chair right now. Hehehe..


  1. 3 months IS better than 1 month. They start sleeping at longer intervals at night - that is HUGE. Plus, you're a bit more into the swing of things and realizing they won't break and don't need their diapers changed 13 times a day. But then it will get worse...after they start walking, which you used to wish for...well, then they are running all over the place and not sleeping all the time and it makes life difficult again. Don't I just paint the rosiest picture of motherhood everytime!? I think I'm going to stop writing messages to you!

    As for the swing, take a blanket & put it at the end of the swing so that it drags on the ground. It will slow down the swing so that Dillon can actually use it. Plus, I bought something...forget what it's called exactly...a Snuggler or something? It's a fot insert that you put it in the car seat and/or swing so that a teeny tiny newborn can fit snugly in it...otherwise, it's too big & not too comfy!

    I actually yearn for the days when TL cried when he was a newborn & it was for "real" problems - diaper dirty, hungry, raw human needs...instead of just being a freakin' brat cuz he doesn't want to sleep or didn't get candy or something @#(*&)@# like that!

    Meanwhile, I don't have ANY idea how I'm going to get through the next one. *sigh*

  2. Oh...I'm sure your next one will be a cinch! She's a girl. They are so much more reserved, less rambunctious! Isn't that a girl's nature. I mean, when I really look at it, Dillon is a really good girl. She's rarely fussy for no reason. I'm just easily annoyed. Heheh. I LOOOVE your comments!! I hate rosy pictures. I want to punch women who say they loved being pregnant and love babies. I stay away from those lyin types. Haha!