Monday, March 23, 2009


Dillon went to the ped's today for a follow up visit. She weighed 8lb 5oz! Yippee! It seems she is now up to standard weight for her age. Phew!
And another thing that falls under the subject line "Growing"...This girl is kinda growing on me. I kinda love her now. :o)
Dare I say that I didn't know how I felt about her when we first brought her home. She was just a lump that ate, pooped, slept and was fussy and stayed on my boob 24/7. But I knew I'd be this way because I've never loved babies. And despite what people say, "Ohhh, you'll love your own." No, I didn't. I felt responsible for her, yes. But I didn't have that overwhelming feeling of love. But now I am growing to love her. I'm a bit obsessed, yes. I think she is the cutest thing ever to walk this planet. And, you know what? When we are with people and they comment on how cute she is, am I modest? No, I gush, "I KNOW! ISN'T SHE? She is the cutest!" Hahah...ridiculous.
However, I still feel awkward referring to myself as a mother. Now, that is just asking too much. And calling her my daughter? Weird. I don't ever want to grow up and own up to the gargantuan task that comes along with the title of mom. Eeks! Guess I shoulda thought about that one before having the baby?

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  1. :-D We are so similar. I didn't really FEEL like I loved TL for a little while too. Of course, I instantly wanted the best for him and stuff, but he bugged the *(*#@&@*(# out of me a lot of the time & all the fussing made me want to throw him out the window sometimes. :-D It is totally bizarro even now when I hear him call me Mama or even Mom - like he's a teenager or something! But it's music to my ears. Well, unless he's screaming it.

    Same thing when people tell me how cute TL is...I'm like, "yeah, I know! tell me something i don't know" hahahahahaha just kidding! but yeah, I know. ;-D