Monday, March 16, 2009


Heehee! I love that first picture! How funny is it? And in the third pic do you see how her eyebrows are furled because she's not quite sure what to make of her binky and I don't think she loves it. The last pic - is her contemplating why in the world mommy and daddy starved her for the past two weeks and how can she continue to gain weight...hahah!
Okay, the subject of the post is "Dad" because I am continually amazed at how intuitive Greg is as a father. He is so in tune with Dillon's needs. We got the Dunstan baby language DVD and he is really good at hearing her cries and being able to decipher what it is she needs. As I said before, he is really good at pacifying her and just knows what her needs are.
Last night, she was being particularly fussy and didn't want to take the bottle. She was crying and just so upset. I had no clue and Greg said, "honey, I think maybe she is just too upset to eat. Maybe you should put her on your boob first and then try feeding her the bottle." Hello? Magic. That is exactly what she needed. She needed to calm down first on my breast and then she could concentrate on eating. I mean, I am truly blessed. I think fate works in the weirdest way because a person like me needs a man like Greg in order to put a child into this world. I haven't hardly the slightest clue so if I were paired with a man who had no clue, then our child would have no chance in this world. As it is, Dillon is very lucky because her father is so in tuned with her!! Guess those "buddhist necklaces" around her neck at birth really are lucky!
Of course...might I add...had I not met Greg, I would've made a GREAT mom to a grown child who's father was a divorcee and I was the stepmom. Hehehe. That would've been my plan after my divorce for the next man I meet. Then Greg came along...sigh.


  1. yeah, what's up with that, Bel? Ya gotta go the difficult route & have your own kid, eh? You would be in St. Tropez sipping cocktails with your hubby and the grown child would be off in boarding school or working if it weren't for Greg. Make sure you remind him of this daily. :-D