Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grand delusions

Clearly I had grand delusions that when D awoke from her nap, she would be so excited to see me and smile and jump up and down. I was sadly mistaken. I mean, who was I kidding? This is the girl who remains quite serious in front of strangers and contemplates them very carefully before ever eliciting a smirk or a smile.
So, of course, when I walked in after her nap, she kind of looked at me like, Wait, who are you?...she was kind of sizing me up. Then G followed in right after me and she was looking from him to me. And then she proceeded to motion to him to pick her up. And when he asked, "Do you want mama to pick you up?" She shook her head.
I was so heartbroken. I nearly cried...
But then I got over it. What a fleeting memory this girl has! Just kidding. I should be thankful for that since otherwise, she might hold a lasting grudge over me...letting her cry it out..staring at her blankly while she cries at times...oh, and of course there was that one day when I screamed at her. Yes, I should be very thankful she has a short memory.
Still...it kind of stung. I'm not gonna lie.

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