Sunday, March 7, 2010

Being a mother is...frustrating!

And being a working mother is almost more frustrating...why? Because our government doesn't help to provide us with the best produce and meats up front. You can't just go to your local grocery store and pick up fruits and vegetables and know they were grown with the utmost care for consumption at your table. Well, I can because my nearest grocery store is this cute organic market called The Turnip Truck. (They even have a clever name).
That being said, the TT isn't always fully stocked with everything one could wish for because they stock locally grown organic produce so naturally, they stock what's seasonally available to the best of their ability and they run out quickly because they stock in small quantities. I love that. But that is not why I am ranting.
I am ranting because I often find myself sidetracked from work because I need to do some research on what is best in nutrition, vitamins, minerals for D and for our family.
We recently went to the Farmer's Market and talked to some meat farmers. When asked if their beef was grass fed, they replied yes, but grain finished. We paused because we're not sure if that is good but we have read and know that grass fed is best. The farmers then continued to say, "all beef is grain finished in the winter because there is no grass." Hmm, that makes sense.
Well, not truly! I am just reading online that the best beef is grass-fed, must be grass-finished because this is actually the most important period - the last 90-160 days before slaughter. Grain finished beef actually tends to lose a lot of the important nutrients like Omega 3 and CLA during that period so feeding grass in those last days is very important. (!! Shocker!!)
AND, on top of that, you need to make sure that the beef was pastured all its life. Yes! That it was free-roaming and lived a good life, grazing outdoors and breathing fresh air, etc.
See, just going for the beef that's been labeled "Organic" or "natural" is not good enough (and you have our government's money grubbing standards to thank for that...)
So, as you can see it is very time consuming to constantly be researching online for the best foods for baby. In fact, it's also frustrating to know that when I do go to my local Farmer's Market, it doesn't quite operate as a true farmer's market (with local farmers growing organic, local produce). If asked, some of the vendors do tell you that they hawking produce that's been trucked weird.
This job of being a mother is very, very tedious. Oh how I reminisce about the good ole days when it was just ME. Eating whatever. Who cares what I put in my body...I'm 40. Got my foot more than halfway to the grave. EAT. If the food doesn't kill me, the air certainly will...or maybe the water.
And on that note, can I just say that D has not eaten but maybe four bites of potato since she's been alive. I don't see any outstanding qualities in potato. Just a regular old starch that the body just doesn't need. I figure she'll have her fair share of potatoes when she gets older. No doubt in french fried form if she's anything like her mother. :o)

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