Sunday, March 28, 2010


I'm on vacation...whoohoo!! After 13 months of being a full time mommy I am so glad to be on vacation!! Sure, I've left her before but only for 2 days and really always begrudgingly.
This time, I couldn't get away faster. It's so nice to get a break.
It was not really a planned vacation with friends or anything, but I am out in NYC for a friend's baby shower and then a work event on Monday night. We really didn't see any need for the entire family to come out and lugging a baby around NYC is really not that much fun. So I was really glad to get away - get a little bit of freedom and some peace and quiet and getting to spend some quality time with my friends without having to cut my visit short because my child needs tending to.
What I really enjoy is the freedom from responsibility. Knowing that I can be awake right now at 11:30pm, typing on my blog and not have to wake up tomorrow morning at 6am or sooner.
It's refreshing. G should take a weekend away. He really should. While he has been away quite a few times, it's always been for work and that is stressful and he is always on the go. He needs to get away to somewhere where he can relax and recharge. However, as I think about it now, I don't think he's really that type. He doesn't need alone time. He loves his daughter too much to just sit and be away from her for no good reason at all.

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