Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Home sweet home

Woke up this morning SO EXCITED to get home to see Bao Bae! Of course was sifting through the pics I have of her in my iPhone last night before going to bed.
It's such a wonderful feeling to have the anticipation of going on vacation, spending it completely relaxed and then being excited and anxious to get home already after being away.
D is currently napping and has been napping ever since I got home so I am super excited to go pick her up once she wakes up! Yeay!
We are going to our favorite soupy noodle spot - Vinh Long, a vietnamese noodle joint - for lunch. It's so nice to be home with my favorite person, G and my next favorite person, D and my absolute favorite poochie, B! B, who has been sick this entire weekend and moping was so excited to see me. He ran out to greet me! That was nice because this is the dog who doesn't bat an eyelash for anyone. And he has a stump for tail so it never wags. We can't tell if he's ever happy. :oD
I had a wonderful time in NYC, not just because NYC is hands down, maybe the best place on earth (save for the average weather, oh and the dirty subways....AND the disgusting smokers in the doorways of every building), but because most of my friends are now either pregs or trying and it's really kind of fun to watch it all unfold!
I feel very fortunate to have my friends in LA who have far surpassed me in the kids department except for my very best friend who just gave birth, then I have my NY friends who are all getting or thinking about getting pregs and then I have my Nash friends who, because they are in my mommy group sit in the same spot as I do as far as our kids' ages or at least close in age. So comparing notes is awesome. I feel like I get to see what I can aspire to be based on my friends in LA and their kids, I get to learn with my friends in Nash and then I get to share all my experiences and my friends experiences with my NY friends as they start seeking mommy advice. I get the best of all worlds.

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