Sunday, March 14, 2010

Groundhog's day...

Sometimes...I get this thought in my I'm getting ready for bed..."Oh man, do I really have to get up and be a mom again tomorrow? When can I get a break??" I mean, I think I love my child, don't I? Or do I just feel a very strong sense of responsibility for her?
There are mothers that say, "I can't imagine my life without my child" Are they lying?? Because I CAN imagine my life without my daughter...I remember what that life was like and it was just so much simpler.
Sure, she brings joy to my life. But hanging out with my friends and drinking my face off also brought joy to my life. Working hard in the world of PR also brought joy to my life.
Sigh. Well, that is neither here nor there I guess.
Tomorrow is another day and I will wake up around 6..6:30am and do it all again. Play with Dillon, feed her breakfast, think about what nutritious, yummy thing I will make for her lunch and her dinner...take her out to play, do something that is stimulating..walk the dog, feed the dog...try to fit in some work...
Okay...enough of that. I made D a really scrumptious dinner tonight. :oD
I saw a recipe for pasta with butternut, tomato and cheese. But as I was preparing, I saw that it asks that the whole thing gets pureed and we are past that stage. So, I steamed the squash then stir fried the tomatoes in butter and made the pasta. I also made steamed kale and pureed that. Then mixed the kale the tomatoes, the cheese and the pasta together and gave her the squash for finger food. Oh, she looved this dish. Ate the entire thing WITH HER SPOON! And ate up the butternut squash too. Imagine that. Pretty cool. I was pretty stoked.
Off to bed to start my groundhog's day all over again tomorrow!

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