Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dover Sole!

I've been quiet about sharing "recipes" lately because I've been very uncreative...however, last night was a great meal! I made D some dover sole with spinach puree and served with a side of tomatoes for finger food. The sole was prepared as such: washed and dried. Sprinkled with garlic and onion powders and dusted with flour. Then pan fried in a mixture of olive oil and butter. So easy! And such a great soft texture that D ate it as is. With the spinach puree on top.
This evening I made a not so great meal. Thought it would be great to make some collard greens (flash boiled) pureed over brown rice. And I served it with carrots and broccoli as her finger foods. Well, she apparently does NOT like collard greens. She made a face every time I tried to feed it to her and often would spit it out. And then didn't like the texture of the carrots and brocc because I hadn't boiled/steamed them enough. Sigh. So, out comes the avocado. Fed her the collard/brown rice concoction masked with avocado. Down the hatch it went. Guess I need to find a better way of preparing collard greens...or...never serve it again. Eh, I never missed it. Never even ate it til I moved to Nashville and didn't like it because frankly, I don't like when my vegetables are stewed in bacon fat until they are mush.

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