Monday, March 1, 2010

Bacon fat...

Well now I've read that bacon fat (yes, lard) is good for the body. It's natural - as long as you buy the good kind of bacon that has no nitrates, organically grown, etc. I used Applegate Farms bacon and did some researching online and they seem pretty solid.
So, I made up the bacon and ate it myself. D tried some but it was too hard for her. I cooked up onions and chard in the bacon fat, pureed that and added it to her French lentils. Delicious!
I usually try to make sure she has her meal (what's described above) and two finger foods to pick at (cubed sweet potatoes, cubed zucchini, carrots, etc.) and I try to make that a variety too. A rainbow of foods for her at every meal to make sure she is getting all kinds of vitamins. And she ends every meal with fruit. Yesterday I served her pureed pear with raspberries and wheat germ for her fruit dessert.
And she snacks throughout the day because a) they tell you babies should snack, but also b) simply because I snack throughout the day so she often will eat what I eat. She will have an orange or some cheese, or some avocado. That sort of thing. Or the other day, we had some cheese and I bought a yummy chicken salad from our neighborhood organic market - chicken, mayo, cranberries, etc. She ate some of that.

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  1. YUM-O. You are the frickin' BEST!!!! I am sooo all over the nitrate free bacon now! I bought some lentils I want to make for Paulina, too. Her boring mama was only going to mix with onions, celery & carrot!

    I want to do some fish, too. She is a great eater so far, so I need to spice up her variety now that my kitchen remodel is almost complete!

    And TL's got some new recipes coming his way. He's gotta start eating healthier...& not screw up my little Paulina's healty eating habits!