Monday, March 1, 2010


I must say I am so impressed with the stuff that I come up with to make for Dillon that I think I should just make this a baby food blog!
I want to share because hopefully I can inspire my gfs that are all popping out puppies so that when they are old enough to eat solids, they can refer to my blog for recipes! Oh, and of course for my dear Lo who is in the midst of solids feeding. ;oP (Err, um, I should just say for "ideas" as I don't cook with recipes. I just eyeball the amounts).
The other night I made cod for D. Pan fried it in olive oil and unsalted butter (if you can find raw butter, that would be best, but I too did not have so used reg). Then took it out of pan and "caramelized" onions in the butter/oil then added fresh chopped tomatoes. After the onions and tomats were cooked down then I put the fish back in the pan to soak up some of the flavors, added some black pepper and voila. Done. I served this to D the way it was because cod is a very buttery, light, flaky fish that she would not object to the texture. Didn't feed her the onions though. That was just for flavor. But did mix with brown rice so she'd get her grains.

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  1. OHHHHHHH....I am soooo hungry reading this!! :-D Love the recipe. Think I'm gonna run to the market tomorrow so I can make it for her! Don't want to overdose Paulina on chicken. And she has sooo taken to eating & is such a good eater, I should make sure she continues on that path!

    LOVE the shout out!! :-D