Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Understanding mommy

D sometimes likes playing in the pots and pans cabinet that sits floor level with her. She likes to open and close the doors and reach in a see what she can find.
Well, yesterday when she was playing she pulled out a small saucepan and was holding it above her head (no doubt ready to toss it on the ground) when I caught eyesight of her and said, "Bao Bae, hsiao hsing (BB is her nickname and hsiao hsing means "be careful", which she knows)! Don't throw that on the ground (in Chinese)" And I kid you not, she complied!
And just so you know I didn't imagine it, I had mentioned it to Greg later in the evening and said to him, "I could've sworn she listened to me..." And he said, "Yes I saw that!"
Oh, and on that same understanding Chinese note, last night D was really into playing and hanging out with Boulder (our lovely bulldog) and she was crawling by him and sitting against him, etc. At one point she was patting him but a little on the heavier side so seemed more like hitting so I said, "Bao Bae, ching ching de" which means "lightly". However, the word "ching ching" also means kiss, which is apparently what she knows it as because then she was leaning her face in to kiss the DOG on the mouth!! Aack!
Super cute when I say, "Mama ching ching" and she leans in for a big smooch from me but not so cute when she is trying to smooch the dog. So now I just let her pat the dog however forcefully she likes. :oD

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