Monday, June 15, 2009

Sidebar 2

Hi, so is this blog now my personal blog?? Not about baby? Hehe. Mayyyybe.
The other day, I'm at Whole Foods buying some ground pork. The guy behind the counter says, "Ni hao" (How are you in Chinese). I respond, "Hen hao, shieh shieh!" (Very good, thank you! in Chinese). And then I proceed to ask the guy, "How did you know I was Chinese? And not Japanese..." His reply, "Well, when I was about five years old, our neighbor was Chinese. Mr. Chang and he practically raised me...and I'll tell you what. You can't tell a Chinese person just by looking at them. You have to listen to them when they are speaking English. Their accents are different."
I looked at him and said, "That's right! But...I don't have an accent." Hello? Who is this jokester?
His reply (looking rather embarrassed I might add), "Are you ABC?" (acronym for American Born Chinese)
I say, "Yes." And we both just kind of smile at each other. Whaaattteeeevver, son.

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