Thursday, June 4, 2009

Empty Nest

I'm sitting here thinking, "Why would mothers have Empty Nest syndrome?" I mean, I've only known Dillon for almost four months now and I can't wait for her to scream, "See ya later mom! I'm off to college!!"
Hahah! Actually, when I was bitching and moaning about Dillon sleeping on me and blah de blah I had a lot of my friends (moms) say, "Oh, don't be so quick to get her off your body. It is all so fleeting and you will miss her snuggliness..." Of course, I immediately thought, "Heck no! I will never miss this girl sleeping on me.."
Weellllll....bite my tongue. The other day, a quite tired little Dillon had fallen asleep while feeding on my breast. When she finished and I straightened her up, she just fell right on my chest and was sleeping with her little head snuggled into my neck and lo and behold, my heart turned just a little mushy and I wistfully remembered how she used to sleep on me and was missing it just a bit...