Friday, June 19, 2009

Four months

They say that at three months everything gets better. It's true. Everything does get better at three months. But I think at four months, everything jives better. Maybe it's because at four months, mother and baby have reached an understanding of each other (baby actually understanding anything at all) AND mom's body is actually getting back to shape. Now, I'm sure there might be some women out there that have been able to whip back into shape even before four months, but I'm certainly not one of them. I have not stepped foot into a gym since this baby was born. I "trained" for the mini-tri for about a month, maybe and that was just getting out for a jog a couple times a week and then nothing after the tri. And you know what? I feel pretty good about my shape right now.'s certainly not back where it used to be..and it NEEDS to get back there so the hundreds of dollars that I've spent on my denim collection doesn't go to wash, but all in all, I feel pretty good. Now, if my neighbor would just stop lollygagging and get my hula hoop made, I could work on my waist a bit more since doing sit ups is just so out of the question for me.
Oh, and last night...took Greg 45 minutes to put the little darling to bed. Poor baby...maybe she's starting to teeth?

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