Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to Dillon

This girl is driving me crazy...last night, she literally was NUUURSING her bottle. She would just sort of suck on the bottle then pause then hang out and then when I would then try to burp her, she would root on me again so I think she's still hungry and try to feed her. Oh my goodness! This went on for like half an hour!! I am beginning to think she KNOWS that if she keeps feeding, then I will keep holding her?? Is that possible? Can she form that kind of thought in her mind?
Certainly not...
This afternoon. Trying to put her down for her nap. Start time: 12:30pm. She starts rooting. Okay, I feed her. She takes in 4 ozs. Then roots again. Give her another 2 ozs. She roots again. I then make another bottle of 4 ozs. This one she is taking in a lot slower. She seems like she is nodding off to sleep but every time I pull her up to burp her, she is rooting again! OMG...she has pooped twice while I am holding her...still eating. It's now coming up on 1:30. AN HOUR it is taking me to put her down and she is not having any of it. Refuses to go down. Is talking, rooting, laughing. I am seriously ready to murder her b/c she has been awake since oh..about 9:30am. Finally, I finish feeding her the 4 more ozs (!!) and just put her down in her crib. Hello? I probably should've just done that from the get go. I put her down. She wails, screams bloody murder for half and hour and finally falls asleep around 2pm. Really? Who IS this girl? Aaaackkkk!! Anyhoooo...note to self. Just put her down when it is nap time, right?? Let her cry. Oh my...

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