Saturday, June 6, 2009

Magic time?

I think I might've found Dillon's magic time...her sweet spot. I think it might run on 3 hours?? Whereas the books say a baby's waking time should be 1.5 - 2 hours max with 2hours being the time she should already be in bed. I think that might not be so with Dillon.
Why do I think that? Because it seems like when I try to put her down within 2 hours, oftentimes she is fighting me. Wait, or is she? It's very hard to keep track nowadays...It's hard to keep track of anything, really what with the continuous lack of sleep I get.
Oh, all my fault, certainly! Like I said, Dillon goes down at 6pm and sleeps until 6am the next morning with one nighttime feed. A normal/logical person would sleep when she sleeps or at least go to bed at a decent hour like 8pm...or even 9pm. No...not me...I stay up until 10ish..sometimes later. I don't know what my problem is. And, now can I really blame a child who might take after me and not want to sleep? Ever?
Anyhoooo I've realized that I might have taken this mothering thing a little too seriously. (What? Me? Who? No...) After emailing with another gf of mine about her daughter's napping habits and she literally did say to me, "Don't be so anal", I have taken a step back to relax a bit.
We had a lovely engagement party for our friends (and neighbors) Courtney and Andrew at our house today! Party was from 1-6pm. Dillon had one nap around 9am that only lasted an hour...mind you, she woke up this morning at 5:15am and just kind of kicked it in her crib (since I was trying to ignore her to see if she's go back to sleep..and naturally, she didn't). But at least she wasn't crying or anything.
I then tried to put her down around 2 and she only slept until about 2:26 (maybe because of all the noise?) So, she just sort of hung out and got passed around from person to person until her bath/bedtime and she was GREAT! Did not fuss once, was totally alert and intently staring at everyone. Smiling and just chilling! I was so proud. :o)
And, no problem getting to sleep either. I mean really? What is my problem? I need to just relax...

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