Thursday, June 11, 2009

Does it ever end?

The unpredictability of it all...for two days D went down at 7pm, slept til 7am. Sweet! For the past two days, she's been so tired, she went to bed around 6:30 - 7pm-ish and then last night woke up at 11:30p for a feeding. Tonight, 10:30p for a feeding! What?? That is a mere 3 hours after she is put down. That is just not acceptable.
Oh, but it is...isn't it? Isn't that just the nature of babies?
And you see why I've never set goals for myself? Because when you don't achieve them, you get disappointed. I was so looking forward to having possibly achieved a manageable bedtime (the 7pm - 7am) and then I get my hopes up...only to be disappointed. Sad.
I keep trying to look back to see what were the steps that I took during the day when she was going down at 7? Better naps? Not necessarily..better feeds? Not necessarily. I just don't get it.
Well, tomorrow - another day...another trial and error mission.
I mean, why bother going down at a decent hour to get some sleep? That would just be too much to ask for. Errmmm, went to bed at 9pm tonight. That's a rarity for me and look at what it got me? Right back up to feed at 10:30p. Grrrr...

Ohhhh...but the disappointment certainly disappears the moment I see this cutie face! Never mind that in the middle of the night, I get so mad sometimes I feel like I want to throw her down the stairs (luckily, her room is on the ground level. Heh). Awww...she's so cute. Is that conceited of me to say about my own daughter??

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