Sunday, June 21, 2009

Indicative of our personalities

Greg says to me yesterday, "I think it's amazing how much she's grown since we've brought her home. Don't you? It's quite interesting that we see more of her personality by the day."
My response was, "Yeah...but, eh, I can take it or leave it. If I could fast forward to 2 years old, I'd do it in a heartbeat."
Greg says, rather irritatedly, "Whatever."
And then I am struck by the fact that this conversation and observation is very indicative of our respective personalities. Greg is very intrigued by the process of how things come to be while I could care less about the process. I just want to get there already.
Take for instance, a green plant that turns pink once it gets to a certain maturity. Greg would be interested in what makes that green plant turn pink and why at that certain maturity and not sooner. He would do research on how that plant came to be, etc. I, on the other hand, will have bought that plant just because it turns pink and just will it to turn pink already and when it does, be happy that it did.
I am just not interested in the day to day developments of an infant. If Dillon were to all of a sudden wake up with her two front teeth in already I would not be sad that I didn't get to see her crying and the little teeth budglings coming in. Not necessary. Nope. Skip the whole fever and crying and sadness that comes with teething? Yeah, perfectly fine with me. And if someone else who went through it wanted to tell me about it, I'll take her word for it but again, totally not necessary.

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