Friday, July 3, 2009


So, when I was preggers greg's sister was nice enough to send us two DVDs. One was happiest baby on the block and the other was pregnancy yoga with rainbow mars.
I'm not a huge fan of yoga so I didn't really use that disc. Greg had mentioned it a couple times and in encouragement he and his sister kept saying, "the key to a calm baby is yoga..." And my response was always, "the key to a calm baby is a calm mother and lots of love...not yoga"
So yesterday I had the chance to point out, "see? The key to a calm baby is not yoga..."
And Greg said, "well, she wasn't calm in the beginning.."
To which I responded, "uh because she was, also because you were pushing the breastfeeding thing."
Silence. Yup, I got the last word on that one. Hah!

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