Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yeah...new blog name

Yes, Genius I am not. If I didn't want G to know I had a blog, then I probably shouldn't have named it and titled it Dillon's mom...
Anyhooo...I like this blog name better because certainly I would rather hatch an egg than have a baby!
A) the chick incubates in an egg outside the body. There is no gross malformations of the body to incubate a chick. Which leads me to
B) a hen just sits on the egg to incubate it until it is ready to hatch. I can do that. I'm really good at sitting in one spot for long periods of time. Just get me a crochet needle, some yarn, a couple of good books and a stack of magazines! AND, if a girlfriend should call up to invite me for some cocktails, I could stick the egg under a heat lamp in my stead, go have drinks and just come back and resume where I left off! Genius! :o)
C) a chick pops out of her egg ready to conquer the world! Sure, her mother might hunt and peck for her for a little bit (I'm not even sure about that), but the girl is on her own two feet from the get go! Hey, that's pretty talented. Soo often I think, "Gee Dillon why can't you run to the fridge and get yourself something to eat?"

Okay, okay. All that aside, D is at a pretty fun age right now. We are constantly cracking up at her. She does the funniest things. Sadly, oftentimes I am thinking about the funny things while I am putting her down for her bedtime and then I crack up and startle her out of her sleepy state. Drats! So then I have to divert my mind to something more serious...like...algebra. (?? Where'd that come from??)

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