Sunday, July 19, 2009

The case of the missing flop

Isn't lovely to be able to watch the progress of a baby's development.
Your baby... "Ahhh, cherish these moments," they say, "they are but so
Yes, so fleeting. These monumental moments that span for a few days
sometimes, as in now. Dillon has so cleverly mastered her flip yet has
yet to discover her flop. The sheer frustration wakes her up and upon
being assisted with a flop from mom, she is then even more confused
and so upset now she can't get herself back to sleep. After much
cuddling from mom she manages...until a couple hours later where she
is once again flipping without her flop. She's so fond of her new
trick, she likes to practice in her sleep. Sometimes, she will just
sleep on her stomach, too tired to continue practicing. But other
times, the frustration gets to her and then mommy comes into

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