Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Unswaddled - day two

Oh...I knew it was too good to be true. :oD
I mean, sure, D is still a great baby but I guess the only reason why she was so agreeable the first day was because she was so super tired from a long weekend away.
Yesterday was a bit of a battle. She went down begrudgingly for her naps (for one, she cried about 30+ minutes before actually falling asleep), but now her naps seems shorter because she's not swaddled. That's okay. She'll learn.
this morning, which would make it day three, she refused to sleep. She has been crying and hanging in her crib for almost 40 minutes now. Of course, Greg can't take it so he went in rock her to sleep. I mean, it might be self defeating, but oh well...
She slept fine last night. I'm really glad that she is unswaddled anyway so we go again. Basically, having a baby just entails A LOT of crying if you want to make any improvements. Well, unless, like the lady who cleans our house, her son slept all the time. She had to wake him to feed him...and he's still a sleeper. Fine. I'm glad that Dillon won't be a sleeper when she grows up cuz I'm not a sleeper.

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