Friday, July 17, 2009


D is on solids and has now tried pear, apple, banana and avocado. She likes avo the best. So much waiting goes into babies...I wish I could feed her everything! She clearly wants to try everything. When we bring her out to eat, she leans in towards us when we are eating and wants what we are having. She now loves to hold her own cup when we feed her water. The girl is an independent!
It is odd that all pediatricians tell you to start your baby on rice cereal. Rice cereal constipates. Why can't we start them out on oatmeal cereal? Apparently because oats have a slight allergic tendency? But everyone that I have spoken to that has fed their baby rice cereal has found that it constipates the baby and they are so strained when they are making their hard little poops. I am going to start D on oatmeal today.
Uh, started her on carrots yesterday and was so excited that the steamed carrots smelled like roasted yams. And then realized that it smelled that way b/c my boiler pot had run out of water and I had a cake of carrot juice blackening the bottom of my pan? Whoops!
ALSO our baby food book gave us a little tidbit that a little fat (like a pat of butter) helps the body absorb the beta carotene in the carrots! But we didn't have butter so G suggested coconut oil WHICH BY THE WAY upon further investigation turns out is a much better and healthier fat source than butter! Yeayy! So excited!! Off to grind my oatmeal.

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