Saturday, July 18, 2009


Well, I must admit that it is quite incredible to see Dillon's growth these days. I mean, I'm not enamored with the whole process by any means but I am intrigued. It is fun to see how she is discovering her feet and hands, when she zones in on her fingers and then zones out on her toes. I often wonder, what must be going through her little mind - What are these things that are connected to my body and how funny that I can make them move like that.
She seems to grow and change every day and I think just now we are really starting to understand what her cries mean (well, it's either she's tired or she's hungry - depending on how many hours she's been up) and what happens when she is overtired - TOUGH to put down...(Ohhh, now I get it when they say it will take a lot longer to put her down if she is overtired.) Well, it just takes perseverance, I think.
I am a lot more lax now on her schedule though I am still mindful of it. And, I am diligent about keeping up with her solids/bottles/diapers/sleep via I mean D-I-L-I-G-E-N-T. I can't live without knowing exactly how much time has transpired, etc. However, now that we seem to be exiting the house a lot to do a lot of random things, I don't always log her sleep times in the car or stroller because that's not really great sleep anyway. I am also not very rigid when it comes to her bedtime anymore. It's anywhere around 6:30p - 8p. We just judge by her signs of tiredness and oftentimes we have her out so long she'll miss a nap here and there so will recover a bit later in the day to go to bed at a specific time. Baby steps for steps for me not to be so militant. Though I still catch myself getting frustrated with her sometimes if she does not go down for naps. Then I feel bad because it's not her fault. It's that we've messed with her schedule and made her overtired.

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