Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some days will be like this...

Tonight, D did not seem to want to go to sleep. I put her down to sleep for the night and she started crying after milling around in her crib for a bit. Not anything to be alarmed about but then 30 minutes later, her cries have escalated and she is wailing. So sad. So I went in and tried to soothe her. Picked her up and then just brought her out to play with her a little more - for the next 10 minutes.
As we are walking back to her bedroom, she starts wailing. Then cries some more, gets a bit drowsy but still cries some more, loudly too. Ooh, poor baby. I finally put her down in her crib when she calmed down a bit and then she fell asleep. Whoa...craziness.
Meanwhile, she had a great day with naps. Every time I put her down for her nap, I put her down with her eyes wide open. She just tosses around a bit and then falls asleep! No crying!
I guess one can't ever expect a full 24 hour easy day, right? Whhhhyyyy...

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