Friday, July 24, 2009

The Farm

We took Dillon to the farm today to check out some cows (we are cowboarding - meaning we own part of a cow and now we can buy raw milk), the sheep and some chickens! She had such a fun time. She loved the chickens!
Apparently, raw milk is good for babies. The woman at the farm talked about how this one woman had a preemie (born at 26 weeks) and after the baby left the hospital, she still had an underdeveloped esophagus (or something like that) and had a gag reflex if she ate anything solid. So, she fed her daughter raw milk ONLY until she was 6 years old at which point the girl measured up to par for all percentages in height and weight. When the drs asked what kind of milk the mother had been feeding the daughter, the mother replied, "raw milk." The doctor's reply was to look at the little girl and say, "you are a very lucky little girl." Whoa! What? That is amazing.
Also, Debbie, the owner of the farm also had celtic sea salt from France that has 100% of the minerals intact. It's the only sea salt that is dried in the sun and dried in clay opposed to cement that can leak minerals. AND, because it has all the minerals necessary for your body, there was a man who ate it in place of the regular salt you buy at the grocery stores and he cured his high blood pressure!
It was quite an educational day for us!

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