Saturday, July 11, 2009

Now we're cookin'

Yes! Now I'm more interested in my daughter. Dillon, at close to 5 months IS a fun age! Yup, I would have another baby if she'd come out of my womb and be 5 months already. At this age, she laughs all the time, she is super alert and has the cutest hand/arm, feet gestures and great facial expressions.
It's really quite incredible to see how she develops every day. As mentioned before, she is not swaddled anymore so it's fun to watch her in the video monitor while she sleeps. When she is moving around while trying to get to sleep, she will wiggle all around her crib and we put these two rolled up hand towels by her head because she seems to seek those for comfort when we first put her in, but, as she is rolling around, she'll grab those, unroll them and use them to cover her head or her whole face. It's comical.
I'm thinking about cutting out all nighttime wakings for Dillon...when she wakes up to eat at night she only takes in about 3-4 ozs. That's not really worth it to me to be waking up, I think. We'll see. I'm gonna track her intake for the next couple of days...oh wait, we are headed up to St. Louis again so there will be no sleep training there. Well, it will be good for me to gauge how much she is really taking in during those nighttime wakings and just stop them altogether. I really think she just wakes up in the middle of the night for some snuggling. It's cute and she's cute when she is eating and sleeping at night and I do love snuggling with her, but, eh. Sleep is better. She gets plenty of snuggles during the day. :o)

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