Saturday, July 25, 2009


Oh, the naps. We should talk about the naps again...Dillon varies between two to three naps a day. And I don't go crazy (new me) when she misses a nap (usually the 3/4pm nap), but I am super surprised that she can stay up for nearly FOUR hours between naps sometimes! Mostly, they say that babies around 4-6 months of age can only stay up for 2.5 hours at the most.
Of course, I realize why she would much rather hang out with us than sleep. All day long all we do is entertain her and make her laugh. Who wouldn't prefer that? I hate sleeping!!
Dillon is growing pretty fast these days, I think. She seems to be getting longer though people still always say, "She's so tiny..." when they meet her and learn that she is 5 months old. So, off I go AGAIN to shop online for her...the shopping never ends. Wheee!! I LOVE shopping!!

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