Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Are all babies super loud?

Or is it just mine...because she takes after me? Dillon has now really found her voice and is not shy about using it. She yells when she is bored, when she is hungry, even when she is just testing out her new voice!
I took her with me to the store today. Had her with me in the dressing room and she's sitting there talking and yappin, but we're not talkin' the gentle babbling of any old baby girl, no, we are talkin, like, Fran Drescher type yappin. The whole store heard her. So much so that when I came out, the two old gentlemen running the store commented, What's the baby cryin about?
To which I calmly replied, "Oh, she's not crying. She's just talking." And smiled sweetly.
Oh that Dillon...
She is REALLY loud these days. And Greg says, Honey, I think it's time we tell Dillon that we don't respond to yelling. You know, just say to her, "Dillon, we don't yell."
To which I responded, "Oh yeah...that's really gonna work when she doesn't even know her own name..." haha!
She is too funny.

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