Monday, August 3, 2009

New skills...

Whoa, has it been THAT long since I've written in here? For shame, for shame. Dillon has been growing by leaps and bounds, acquiring new skills and just getting to be a lot of fun. Her new skill lately has been to grab things and then toss them on the ground with a forceful jolt of her hand. And when I am rocking her for her nap, that translates to grabbing a handful of mommy's hair and pulling it out of her head. Ouch! Thankfully, I am usually pretty good about keeping an elastic around my wrist to tie my hair up to prevent that.
However, last night, I forgot and as I am feeding her her bottle for bedtime, she is playing with my hair as it hangs in my face. I know there is a slight chance that she will pull it, but...what can I do? She tugged at it a little bit, but mostly just ran her fingers, her little hand back and forth through the strands. Very cute!
I've decided to get rid of Dillon's nighttime feedings. I just feel like she doesn't need them anymore...they were so sporadic and she mostly only drank 4 oz each time anyway. So...while Greg was away last week, I implemented my plan and just let her fuss/cry when she woke up. AND, the other thing that I've decided is waking up anytime before 6am is not allowed either so again, I would just let her do whatever she was doing (at 4, 5, 5:30am), whether it's playing or falling back asleep and pick her up only around 6am.
And now she sleeps until 7/8am-ish! I'm kinda cool with that!

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