Sunday, August 8, 2010

Water play in the house?

Yeah...I was kind of having a good day yesterday. Good day meaning I was actually not "seeing red" every time D sat down to eat. Not so much the previous day when she started the day fussing and overturning her entire cup of milk. Which prompted me to just vacuum and mop the floors. Of course, during dinner, she spilled the contents of her soup bowl onto the floor. Sigh...
I try and I try not to get so aggravated but it is such a challenge for me.
Apparently, I have little patience for child??
BUT! I am seriously working on it and yesterday was a good day.
She wanted to play with water and I didn't feel like going outside cuz we'd already gotten enough mosquito bites to dot most exposed portions of our skin so I let her play with a bucket of water on the kitchen floor. I gave her specific instructions not to spill. Hah! She started to transfer contents of one pail into her rolling bucket. That was fine until all of a sudden, she slipped in the water and knocked over the whole pail. Whoops.
I didn't even flinch (and surely that's nothing to report probably for most people...but for me, it's a small feat), I just picked up a towel and dried everything off. All the while just speaking at an even tone to D and explaining what I was doing. The key here is that I didn't flinch. Under normal circumstances, I might've gotten mad but not shown it since I knew it wasn't her fault. But I know that's not good enough because oftentimes it's hard for me to suppress my anger. So I felt good about not getting mad at all. It's just water, after all...just as it's just food, it's just milk, it's NO BIG DEAL.
Hard lessons to learn for me.
I went about my merry day all day feeling pretty mellow - with D doing her baby things, dropping food all over the floor and me just happily wiping it up. :oD
I feel pretty good. I hate when I lose it and I really am trying hard to be more patient.

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