Thursday, August 19, 2010

A couple of things...

One: I think we've sunken to a new low. We've apparently taken D to Costco for dinner...Whaaat?! You might ask? - But Costco only sells pizza, hot dogs and ice cream. Yeah, no. We've taken her around and given her samples for dinner. Yup! That's us. The Vitamix woman was there giving demonstrations so D got a fruit smoothie, a greens smoothie and some strawberry ice cream. Then, it just so happens that they were handing out samples of brown rice and quinoa. Sweet! Grains and protein to round out her meal. Okay, we're off to home and then to bed. :o)

Two: On the subject of smoothies, I think we have our very own Victoria Beckham on our hands. Ooh, I don't mean that I think D is beautiful and smart and will build her own empire one day (though I'm also not saying she won't) but what I mean is - D spends all day saying "moothie! moothie!" This girl is all about her liquid diet. After eating up all those smoothie samples from Costco, she came home and demanded MORE smoothies! So, I gave her the rest of the smoothie I made from this morning and then G made soup for dinner. Ayayay...what have we done?!

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  1. haha! Didn't know VB was a smoothie person! I bought a blender to make TL smoothies, but the first wasn't very successful & I hate wasting, haven't done it again yet...need to get a recipe & we'll whirl it up again.

    oh yes well, I am that mom. We don't go to Target very often, but when we do, TL gets a hot dog for lunch/snack/we even sank to dinner last week....yup. Just a hot dog. Cuz he didn't want the apples & doesn't eat raw carrots. I drew the line - no Icee this time. ;-D

    We'll also do Costco once in a for lunch! At least he'll have the smoothie, which is probably LOADED with extra sugar.

    ah Bel, hope to see you again soon. All your blog entries make me miss you!!