Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mama, jerk!

Yes, well, I guess I deserved it.
This morning, D asked me to make her a smoothie. So I did. I love making her smoothies. But did she drink it? No. She proceeded to play with it, dipped her fingers in it though I kept saying, "No, sweetie, let's not play with it. You need to drink it."
Then she dipped more of her fingers into it and rubbed it all in her hair and the side of her face, her neck....
At which point, I took it away and poured it down the drain.
Then Daddy comes down and picks her up and she says, "Smoothie. Smoothie"
Daddy asks, "D, you want a smoothie?"
To which I replied, "No, she asked for one earlier. I made it and she just rubbed it all over her hair. She's just being a jerk."
Next thing I know, she's saying, "Mama, jerk. Mama, jerk."
G and I are silently laughing now...I mean, seriously. This girl is smart.
I better watch what I say...

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