Monday, August 16, 2010

It's all in the presentation

D...she's a tough one. Lately, she has learned some new words that she likes to use - pancake, smoothie, milk, water (I mean, she's known milk and water for months now but she's really getting into them now) I mean, now she just likes to throw around "milk" and "water" to get some and then play with them. No thank you very much.

So, today she says she wants a smoothie. Second day in a row! No problem, I make her a kale, tomato, pear, blueberry and yogurt smoothie with some flax seed thrown in. I serve it to her in a bowl b/c lately it seems like if she has it in a cup and there is a bowl nearby, she will pour it into the bowl anyhow. Thought I'd just save her a step.

Nope, not gonna have it. She just looked at the smoothie. What's that? So she takes her smoothie (in a bowl) and pours it into another bowl that she had emptied. Then just sort of stared at it. I put the smoothie away. Then, when I was giving her water from a mini cup, I decided to put some smoothie into it AND give her a straw! That did it! She was totally into it then. She ended up finishing the entire serving of smoothie.

Crazy how that works.

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