Thursday, August 26, 2010

In denial

Yesterday as I was walking D back from some play time at the park, randomly a car passes by with two girls in it. The passenger was kicking back with her leg up on the dashboard and the driver looked like she was having fun too and just sipping from a fountain soda...and all of a sudden, I just thought to myself, "Hmm, I remember carefree days. Who ever would have thunk that I would be that woman, walking down the street pushing a stroller..containing my child no less..."
It was a weird moment in my mind.
I guess love makes you do crazy things because I distinctly remember the day I looked at G and thought, "I want to have your child." Meanwhile...having a child never, ever crossed my mind in any years prior. It's no picnic. Sure, she's great and we have so much fun with her and she keeps us laughing....but, she also keeps these bags perpetually under my eyes. And she keeps me from just jetting off and going places. Not being remorseful here, just pondering...thoughtful, if you will...

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